…and finally ladies it is very important that you keep the face sock on until you are completely submerged under the water.  The Ushigi Method of Skin Rejuvenation relies on the hydro molecules rubbing against the skin and gently agitating away all those nasty dead cells without damaging the structure below.

Several minutes into the submerge you should experience a tightening sensation in the chest area, indicating that you have reached full lung capacity.  At this point, simply pull down on the draw strings under your chin to release the face sock and then calmly follow your sock back up to the surface of the water and breath normally.

If at any time you feel a rising sense of panic, please do not hesitate to raise your hand up above the water line and either Yuki or myself will be only too happy to come and assist you.

Now are there any questions before we begin? Yes, Mrs Gilwilly.

Well, what another wonderful question from you Mrs Gilwilly.  Every week you keep me on my toes. And yes, you are absolutely right.

Last session we discussed how damaging the water can be to your skin.  Remember ladies, it is not just the sun that is our enemy. The water and the wind can also do horrible things to your face.  In fact, there is very little in the natural environment that won’t completely decimate your top dermal layer.

Which is why the Ushigi Method is so ingenious.  Unlike other skin therapies, we work against nature rather than with it to restore your natural beauty.  Our chemical water treatments tame and manipulate the hydro elements that would normally attack your skin.  The spa that you are entering today is chock-a-block full of chemicals rushed direct from Germany. And if there is one country that knows its chemicals, it’s Germany.

Shortly, Yuki will be coming around to each of you to personally fit your face sock.  It is very important that you remain as still as possible during this process so as to avoid letting too much air into the sock.  An excess of carbon dioxide can interfere with the molecular-chemical fusion that will take place all over your face as soon as you hit the water.  And we don’t want that to happen.

As this is the very first Ushigi Hydro Dump Therapy session to be conducted in Australia, we will be live streaming the event back to our headquarters in Osaka where a team of experts will conduct a real time evaluation of the seven dump structure.  So don’t forget to give them a wave as you are going down. A copy of the video will be included in your complimentary Ushigi Gift Pack which you will receive at the end of the session, if you manage to get that far.