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Escape from grief

The author has chosen to keep this piece only for the group. Who knows, maybe it’s going to appear as a book soon. In the meantime, check out some of the other excellent bits of writing floating around here.

Fugue in C#

The found him 227 days after he failed to make the 2 minute walk from his office to the meeting room. What he was doing in a small caffé in Tuscany posing as a down and out Italian student named Mario Lombardi was a bit of a mystery. So was how he managed to pass himself off as a student from the north of Italy. After all, his Italian was nowhere near as good as his year 7 German. By and large, the caffé owner didn’t care. He spoke good english (as a fourth generation Melbournian should) and worked hard. Ideal for small caffé in a tourist area. read more

The Responsible Adult

It wasn’t yet light when she woke. read more

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