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I dabbled with writing when a teenager, but life took me in another direction. I'm almost retired now and have returned to dabbling. I enjoy all aspects of writing, and enjoy our meetings in the wonderful Eltham library. It’s great to be with other writers, and to share with them the challenge of writing an interesting 1000 word or so piece for our meeting deadline.


After my mother’s sudden death, I needed to spend a few days at the family home in order to sort out a few legal matters before her burial the following week. read more

Penny Creek

I should warn you, that if you were to amble along the walking track that follows the winding banks of Penny Creek in Mooroolbark, take care to avoid my hideaway that sits beside the bushy banks beneath the old English oak tree – as time is not of the essence there. read more

The Train

Sitting in the driver’s cabin of a Metro train about to leave Lilydale Station, Bronwen Miller never regretted chucking in her well paid job in ‘bullshitland’ public relations to become a train driver, where she derived a basic contentment in helping people get from A to B. read more


I’m an aging cameraman
Wishing to bore you while he can,
By speaking of himself here in a rhyme.
I’ll tell of my career,
That has gone on year by year
From monochrome until the present time. read more


During one of those bathroom moments of mirrored self-assessment, I would have described myself as a non-competitive person. I was always that way. read more


“Is there a spirit in the room?” I asked in a voice I thought appropriate for a novice medium. I was conducting a seance with neighbours Gayle and Steve in my new Port Melbourne home. “If there is, please move the glass to YES.” read more


When we confirmed that my wife Jennifer was pregnant with our second child in 1996, we realised that our current two-bedroom home in Kew would be too small for our needs, and we would require a larger house. So, with our two-year old son Campbell in tow, we began the search for our new family home. read more


“And you are?”, the security guy behind the reception desk asked me. read more

A Cottage Forsaken

This video is about an abandoned old cottage in an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne. read more

The Old Van

I had recently moved suburbs in Melbourne, and was out walking and exploring, when I came across this abandoned old delivery van. I returned with my camera, and then home to edit the moving pictures, to the beautiful music of Ennio Morricone’s DEBORAH’S THEME.

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