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Month: September 2020


My love has been unfaithful. I suspect Penelope Ora in the second violins is the object of his affections but I know Natasha Zonk on the cello also cannot be trusted. I have placed an agent on the inside of the orchestra and she is slowly closing in on the truth.  read more


Ness wandered through her apartment trying to find the source of the infernal electronic jingle. She was sure it was the rice cooker letting her know it was done, but she just couldn’t find the kitchen. This was odd because she lived in what had been generously termed as a compact one bedroom apartment that only had two other rooms – the bathroom and the combined living/dining/kitchen. No matter how many doors she opened, Ness just kept on entering either the bedroom or the bathroom. Slowly it dawned on her that she was maybe dreaming, dreaming a reoccurring dream at that, and that she knew what to do. read more

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