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Month: September 2019


The last time I saw Millie he was heading for the Left Bank. We had met for a cognac and an argument – the usual affair although so less frequent these days. We said our goodbyes across the road from the cafe and then I watched him walk quickly away, his jittery gait marking him out in the crowd. I never thought the back of his shabby, long brown coat would be the last I would see of my dear friend.
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Meaghan could just spot the Eiffel Tower from where she sat in the café. Framed neatly between the ornate gold lettering on the window, it symbolised everything she was feeling about everything right now — a huge brutalist dagger stabbing straight into the soul of the universe. Seriously, what prick brings his fiancee of two years to Paris, the rumoured city of love, to introduce her to his lover of six months? She shook her head as she thought back to the introduction to his “newer, hotter version of her”. His words. She thought of the two of them, entwined passionately, bare skin, writhing together, impaled on the tip of the Eiffel Tower after a tandem naked skydive goes horribly wrong. Meaghan smiled slightly for the first time in a week. read more

Mr Hoto

Mr Hoto looked out the car window and sighed. The smog was too thick to see through again. His vacancy light would not be turned on today.
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