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Month: June 2017

Ten Minutes

The author has chosen to keep this piece only for the group. Who knows, maybe it’s going to appear as a book soon. In the meantime, check out some of the other excellent bits of writing floating around here.

Whimsy and her

Down the laneway she followed her whimsy. It was nothing more than that that led her there. An idle thought, a daydream, her whimsy. She pirouetted past coffee grasping tourists attempting to find their way out of the labyrinth of alleys and lanes and dead ends. She sashayed around drunken lovers lost in each other so deep that the world had faded to background noise and blurred watercolours and all that there was was each other. She twirled around the purveyors and creators of gratis public artworks, gliding around their heady fumaroles. She skirted the bouncers and procurers and maîtres d’ attempting to coax her in for a dance, a dalliance, a dinner; perhaps one, perhaps all three. She sidestepped past it all, down the laneway, away from the world, into the fading light, the growing eternal sunset fuelled by exit lights. Down the laneway, whimsy leading, around the corner, away from this world, and onto the doorstep of the next. read more

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